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A rustic wedding at the Vignoble La Bauge

A rustic wedding in a bucolic setting at the Vignoble La Bauge in the Eastern Townships! Le Vignoble La Bauge will offer you a splendid environment, both rustic and romantic. The nearby villages offer amount of hotels and inns where you can stay and spoil your guests.

Le Vignoble La Bauge has a French barn roof that will give character to your event. Carefully renovated in 2008, we added a large stage and a bar. We can accommodate 50 to 160 people groups in a cozy atmosphere. A rustic wedding to meet your expectations in the Eastern Townships! For a visit, book now at

The team of Vignoble La Bauge offer you support in your preparations while allowing you the freedom to make your rustic wedding, a party that suits you. We have several options for decoration and food, we adapt to your tastes and your budget.

Le Vignoble La Bauge, located in the Eastern Townships, is an ideal location an hour from Montreal. Set in the picturesque village of Brigham, the area offers many activities and services to make you spend unforgettable moments.

A rustic wedding can not take place without the traditional taking of photographs. Le Vignoble La Bauge has a large area where places to take pictures of the newlyweds and their guests abound. You will discover our vineyard, our animal park, apple trees and flower beds. For a tour, visit

Le Vignoble La Bauge is the picturesque and romantic site you are looking for your rustic wedding! come visit us now at

dégustation de vin et terinne

Wines and homemade terrines tasting

Discover the Vignoble La Bauge on the wine route in Brigham in the Eastern Townships. Come taste our wines and our terrines made exclusively from our game raised on site! You’ll have choice from our range of seven premium wines, from light white to red round and powerful through the delicate appetizers and late harvest. You will have the chance to visit our vineyards and why not, participate in the harvest.

Vignoble La Bauge is a great discovery to do during your stay in the Eastern Townships. Children are welcome and they can visit our animal park. The whole family can walk freely on a 1/2 kilometer path edged with tall security fences. The boars stand alongside deer, yaks, llamas and many other species from all over the world.

Vignoble La Bauge offers a unique experience in the Eastern Townships, that of becoming Winemaker for a day! This experience will allow you to participate in the harvest alongside the winemaker. Each of the steps will guide you to create a new wine and a bottle of “your wine” will be given the following year. Lunch will be served with grilled wild boar accompanied by good wine. Book early on our site

On your next visit to the Eastern Townships, take the time to eat at the vineyard. Installed on our terrace you can enjoy a delicious game meat meal. A real treat that you will accompany a good wine from Vignoble La Bauge.

You are a group of friends or colleagues, we will be happy to welcome you on one of our terraces at the Vignoble La Bauge in Estrie. We will organize a tasting just for you. The agreement between our wines and products of our breeding (boar liver mousse, deer terrine and smoked sausage yak) allow you to discover and taste the unique flavors. Book now

Get to know us by visiting our new site where you will be able to book your activity or meal. Vignoble La Bauge is looking forward to welcoming you on the Wine Route in the Eastern Townships!

This is it 2016 season has begun!

First consideration: do the vines well past winter?

In these photos you can see that the structures of survival of primary and secondary buds on the vines seem intact. We can see the beautiful green kiwi color on a cross section of a Frontenac Gris grape bud.

The first good sign for the new season begins. Size is started despite a very variable weather.

4th World Symposium on the vine and the cold climate wine

I was invited to Nebraska at the 4th World Symposium on the vine and the cold climate wine, where 11 countries were represented including 5 wine regions in Canada and 19 US states.

During the tasting of wines of the world, I presented the wines from Quebec and Nova Scotia. a very good impression was left on wines from here.

My presentation focused on the cultivation and vinification of one of our most planted grape varieties in Quebec. The “Frontenac trilogy.” One of the most important wine house of California was present in the room, his representative said he was impressed with the wines that I have presented. They want the freshness of our wines. The acidity; a wealth begins to become scarce on our wine warming planet.