La Bauge Vineyard was named Beverage Producer of the Year at Les Lauriers de la Gastronomie in 2023!

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Spring 2024 Mixed Case

Spring 2024 Mixed Case

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In this mixed case of six bottles, you will find :

DJ Meu 2022
La Renversante 2022
3 Frontenacs 2022
Évolution Blanc non-vintage
Beau jus rosé 2022
Beau jus rouge 2022

You can choose how to pick up your case, at the vineyard or at one of our drop-off points, when you confirm your order in the shopping basket.

Comprising six bottles carefully selected by our winemaker Simon Naud and his collaborator Steve Beauséjour, our Spring 2024 case is your ally for the fine days ahead! You’ll find wines bottled by gravity, with no pumping, filtration or fining, and no added sulfites to preserve their original, authentic purity.

DJ Meu 2022

Type: Dry red wine

Main grape varieties: 78% petite perle, 20% cabernet franc and 2% vidal

Alcohol content: 11.5% Residual sugar

Residual sugar: 1.7g /L Sulfite: 0 g/L

Size: 750 ml

A wine full of nuances and complexity, both delicate and assertive, that stays in our minds and hearts with its play of contrasts and structure. It’s spicy, bursting with black fruit and crunchy. Pure happiness!

La Renversante 2022

Type: Dry orange wine

Main grape varieties: LaCrescent 80%, Vidal 20%.

Alcohol content: 10% Residual sugar

Residual sugar: 1.2 g/L Sulfite: 0 g/L

Size: 750 ml

A wine with lovely purity and delicate floral notes! Harmonious and highly digestible on the palate, it stands out for its springtime fragrances. You’ll always want to come back for more, and it lives up to its name!

3 Frontenacs 2022

Type: Dry red wine

Main grape varieties: Frontenac noir, Frontenac blanc, Frontenac gris

Alcohol content: 11

Residual sugar: 1.3 g/L Sulfite: 0 g/L

Size: 750 ml

A blend of the famous 3 Frontenacs white, gray and black, this finely structured thirst-quenching red will blow you away with its enchanting, fruit-filled aromas. We’re fans of its versatility and originality! Good anytime, even if it’s a red.

Beau Jus Rouge 2021

Type: Dry red wine

Main grape variety : Frontenac Noir 100%

Alcohol content : 11

Residual sugar: 1.6 g/L Sulfite: 0g/L

Size: 750 ml

For this cuvée, we wanted to highlight the generous, bright side of the 2021 vintage on our black Frontenacs. Seeing this wine flow into your glass, you might exclaim at its dark color and think it must be full-bodied! On the palate, however, it’s clearly a propulsion of fruit !

Beau Jus Rosé 2022

Type: Dry rosé wine

Main grape varieties: 66% Frontenac Gris, 33% Marquette

Alcohol content: 11

Residual sugar: 1.6g/L Sulfite: 0g/L

Size: 750 ml

A vibrant wine with high salivating potential, a refreshingly invigorating rosé. Drink it when you want to be in love, when it’s thirsty outside or inside, to introduce someone who still thinks rosé is sweet.

Evolution Blanc

Type: Dry white wine

Grape variety: 100% Frontenac Blanc

Alcohol content : 12

Residual sugar: 1.4 g/L Sulfite: 0g/L

Size : 750 ml

Three vintages of wine, 2018, 2019 and 2020, blended with feeling by the Vignoble de la Bauge team and their friends. Bottled on its fine lees and unfiltered. A dry red wine where the blend of vintages gives us a beautiful aromatic complexity. The palate is supple, refreshing and delicious. A fruity, spicy, well-balanced wine.


From May 18 to June 24