dégustation de vin et terinne

Wines and homemade terrines tasting

Discover the Vignoble La Bauge on the wine route in Brigham in the Eastern Townships. Come taste our wines and our terrines made exclusively from our game raised on site! You’ll have choice from our range of seven premium wines, from light white to red round and powerful through the delicate appetizers and late harvest. You will have the chance to visit our vineyards and why not, participate in the harvest.

Vignoble La Bauge is a great discovery to do during your stay in the Eastern Townships. Children are welcome and they can visit our animal park. The whole family can walk freely on a 1/2 kilometer path edged with tall security fences. The boars stand alongside deer, yaks, llamas and many other species from all over the world.

Vignoble La Bauge offers a unique experience in the Eastern Townships, that of becoming Winemaker for a day! This experience will allow you to participate in the harvest alongside the winemaker. Each of the steps will guide you to create a new wine and a bottle of “your wine” will be given the following year. Lunch will be served with grilled wild boar accompanied by good wine. Book early on our site www.labauge.com.

On your next visit to the Eastern Townships, take the time to eat at the vineyard. Installed on our terrace you can enjoy a delicious game meat meal. A real treat that you will accompany a good wine from Vignoble La Bauge.

You are a group of friends or colleagues, we will be happy to welcome you on one of our terraces at the Vignoble La Bauge in Estrie. We will organize a tasting just for you. The agreement between our wines and products of our breeding (boar liver mousse, deer terrine and smoked sausage yak) allow you to discover and taste the unique flavors. Book now www.labauge.com.

Get to know us by visiting our new site www.labauge.com where you will be able to book your activity or meal. Vignoble La Bauge is looking forward to welcoming you on the Wine Route in the Eastern Townships!