La Bauge Vineyard was named Beverage Producer of the Year at Les Lauriers de la Gastronomie in 2023!

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Regenerative Viticulture


A new plot in our vineyard

In 2022/2023, a new plot emerged in our vineyard. Its creation aims to study the effects of biodiversity in viticultural environments. Several fruit trees will coexist with the vines to create a diverse, living, and resilient ecosystem. The presence of sheep in this plot will allow precise weed control around the grapevines and natural fertilization of the soil, supporting the work of the winegrower. Some large trees will border the cultivars to the north, providing shade for the sheep and allowing the plot to benefit from the light reflected by the leaves of this tree line to the south.

Research base

Innovative viticultural approaches

A garden of medicinal plants will also be established to provide the basic elements needed for the development of biodynamic preparations (infusions and decoctions). These preparations will be sprayed on the vines and fruit bushes to strengthen their immune systems and increase their resistance to fungal diseases.

This plot will also serve as a research base to study innovative viticultural approaches such as:


From May 18 to June 24