Wine tasting

Wine tasting (5x1oz) 12$+tx
Assiette Prestige 10$+tx



Available in groceries, restaurants and sometimes at the vineyard

BEAU JUS LE BLANC White Frontenac. Dry white wine macerated 40 hours before fermentation to extract the flavors from its skin and give more body to the wine then matured in oak barrels for 6 to 8 months. Aromas of poached pears, green tea and pineapple.


SÉRIE SAVEURS Quality wines available in groceries

DOUCE-HEURE White Frontenac, Grey Frontenac. Rasberry colored fruity Rosé with strawberry, cherry and red current aromas

RASSEMBLE-HEURE Rassemble-Heure Frontenac, Marquette. Light, flavorful, fruity dry red wine with complex aromas of cherry, blacberry and spicies.


SÉRIE PLAISIR Our sweet wines, we bottled happiness !

NOVEMBRE Grey Frontenac, Vidal. Late harvest wine with aromas of tropical fruits, lychee, pears, apples and a hint of vanilla.

LA FLAMBÉE Fortified red wine using the Port method and aged in oak barrel from two to seven years with black fruits, cranberry and spices aromas. Pairs with cheese and dark chocolate.
Available only at the wineyard !


ASSIETTE PRESTIGE Accord mets et vins

LE DOUANIER Semi-firm cheese, Fromagerie Fritz Kaizer, Noyan.

MIRANDA Firm cheese, Fromagerie Fritz Kaizer, Noyan.

SMOKE SAUSAGE, Belted Galloway, Vignoble de la Bauge.

TERRINE deer porto and cranberries or beef mushrooms or beef orange and green pepper, Vignoble de la Bauge.

CHOCOLATE with Flambée, Capeline et Chocolat, Bedford.