La Bauge Vineyard was named Beverage Producer of the Year at Les Lauriers de la Gastronomie in 2023!

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Le Bièrologue / Le Vinologue

Le Bièrologue / Le Vinologue

David Deschênes is passionate about Quebec and its history. For about fifteen years, he was a true ambassador for the country, acting as a guide for travelers, tourists, and other curious people. His passion for the world of beer began at the age of 12 when he began collecting corks and labels with his friend Jean St-Marseille. This collection ignites a burning flame that, even today, refuses to extinguish.

After years of dreaming, Suzie and David join forces, and in 2012, they take action! In the summer of that same year, they founded the company, and on October 20, the official opening took place. An opening ceremony where parents and friends, as well as residents of the neighborhood, were invited and celebrated by a priest/master of ceremonies who took care to bless the store.

2016: The store surpasses the milestone of two thousand different beers to be featured in the store.

2017: September, the inauguration of a new section Wines from here, Le Vinologue. The new colleague of Le Bièrologue is located under the same roof. Le Vinologue is dedicated to the promotion of wines and winemakers from here.


From May 18 to June 24